make money from your porn videos

I am going to take you on a step by step easy method to make some money Online throw some porn videos and some horny people :

1 . first of all make sure that you already have a software that can be used to download adult movies like (Internet download manager) or any of your liking 

2.After downloading your porn like for example:

Make sure you download,stepmom,step daughter,lisa ann,very popular pornstars videos because people are more interested in that(incest movies) . or 4k porn …etc

3. After downloading the movie make sure to edit your movie using any editing software like windows movie maker (this is a free software), now you want to cut the part where the porn stars start having sex , make sure you do that because we are going to upload our movie on YouTube (They don’t allow adult content but if you cut that part there is no problem) 

4.a useful trick to upload premium porn movies like for example go to our website and choose a 4k porn movies and upload any movie (after cutting the sex scene)

5. sign-up to this survey website : , in your cpa account add your website link and lock it by going to left side , on monetization tools URL-locker (make sure to lock the name of the website for example : )

6.Make sure after uploading your movie on YouTube to add your locked link in the description , add some words like the rest of the movie in this link or something like that .

7.if you didn’t catch the trick how can you make money  it is easy the viewer of your uploaded movie on YouTube will go to the description and press you locked URL link and go to that cpa survey after completing the survey the viewer will be redirect to a certain website like , and you will earn some cash . 

8. some more tips : please make sure to upload as many videos as you can , Add a photo like this one on your YouTube video so the viewer will know there is a link on the video description to watch the rest of the movie (or be creative and use your own design )


DON’T  redirect your viewer to the movie it self in that way you will be banned on your cpa website , just redirect to the same website like :