Earn easy with instagc

1 Point = 1 Cent
InstaGC (http://bit.ly/2gfik4e)  is one of my favorite sites and is earning me around $100 a month and I am about to hit the 10% bonus. This promotion is running to the end of the year and is going to net me $25+ in just the bonus points. Please read this thread to understand how to earn a good amount every day.

What you will need:

  • Computer
  • A Brain

Step 1: Sign Up

1.Sign up Here:  http://bit.ly/2gfik4e

2. Confirm your email and get started!

Step 2: Offers

1. Videos

– Please use the InstaGC video section as it is one of the most consistent ways to earn in the entire site.

  • 1 Video playlist at the moment and earns around 1 point every 3-5 minutes. Playlist needs to be refreshed every 5-6 hours.

– Engageme.tv (Under the Adwall section)​


  • Click on any of the videos (says 0.69 points) and let it run for as long as you want
  • If you want you can set up an auto refresher for every ~45 Min and it will allow it to consistently earn the entire day.

2. Surveys

– This site has some of the best surveys I have ever seen. Much better than SwagBucks and other GPT sites that I have used before.

  • Recommended -> InstaGC -> First box is a survey for 105 points. There are two of these and they refresh daily at 9:00 Pm PST. They credit instantly upon completion and are one of my top earners.
  • Recommended -> InstaGC -> 70 point Surveys. Theses are like the ones stated above but are just worth a little less points.
  • Survey Tab in InstaGC. This tab has good surveys every once in a while (200+ point ones). IMO I would just wait till you see a 250+ point one and do it. They have always credited for me but just take some time to authenticate (don’t worry).

3. Paid Offers

– If you saw my SwagBucks post they have a lot of the same offers and accept Virtual Visas as well. You can do this along with SwagBucks as they are different sites and you can get credited twice.​

4. Crowd Flower

– If you like doing small tasks this site might be for you as they are one of the highest payers for Crowd Flower and have a huge inventory.​

5. Calls

– InstaGC has a section where you can receive a sales call and get a reward compensation. The idea is that you listen to the sales call for around 1-3 minutes and then you can end the call. You can receive anywhere between $1-3 for doing these and they can be done more than once.

6. Cash Back

– Like other GPT sites InstaGC offers cash back deals for various sites. I can confirm they work as I have used it before and it credited in 1-3 days after the purchase.

7. Offer Walls

– InstaGC has any offer wall you can think of and they offer some of the highest payouts that I have seen on different sites. They also have their own offer wall which is the highest paying of all of them.​

8. InstaGC Codes

– In the InstaGC chat every hour or so a code will pop up where you can enter it and receive a small reward for doing so. The reward usually ranges from 5-10 points and it credits instantly. If you see these be sure to act fast as there are a limited number of people who can use them.

Step 3: Tips

1. Customer Support

– The first way to get support on the site is to use the live chat feature on the right hand side. There are members here that can help you with any questions you have. There are also admins and moderators that can help with the majority of your questions
– InstaGC also has a very good support ticket thread where they can get your questions answered very quickly.​