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What is Spark Profit?
Let me Introduce the new way to earn money online WITHOUT investment. Currently, I am joining Spark Profit. Spark Profit let you earn money just by making Forex predictions. If you didn’t join yet, please click here to join : http://bit.ly/2cPKOQx

Spark Profit aims to be the world’s most rewarding app! It teaches you how to profitably trade on the financial markets, and pays you cash rewards when you do well. Make predictions to build up your score and receive weekly rewards. Earn up to $100 per month, with no investment and no risk of loss.

How do I earn money?
It is very easy! Every prediction you make will win or lose points. All of these predictions are summed together in your total score. At the end of each week if your total score is greater than the weekly threshold, currently set to 20,000 points, you will earn money. The larger your total score is, the more money you earn. It’s really that simple.

Then, after prizes are paid, we reduce everyone’s total score by the same small percentage. This means that no-one gains or loses relative to each other, but it gives new-comers a chance to catch up by continuing to play well. The weekly pot gets larger if more people do well because we add money for every person who makes the grade that week. We want to encourage more people to join and play well.

How do I withdraw my earnings?
Just click on the button on your Account tab to withdraw all your earnings to date. You may withdraw to any of these services:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin

It generally takes a week to receive the money after sending the request. There is a minimum withdrawal of US$ 30.00. Note that the services may take off some transfer fees. If you want to avoid these fees please use Bitcoin!

Step by Step Spark Profit Guide

1.Go to http://bit.ly/2cPKOQx

and then choose your favorite  platform (Desktop,Android,IOS)



2.Then go to ‘Me‘ section on your Dashboard which will be leading to a page as shown above. Fill in all the details and complete your profile, Boom you will be receiving 70,000 points for doing that.



3. Now you can start making predictions, Go to ‘Play‘ section on your dashboard. Initially you will be having Only have Currency market, Press on ‘add indices‘ after which your screen will resemble like the picture shown above. Choose any Currency/Share index/ Commodity which will take you to a page where a relevant graph is shown.


4. Above shown is an example for making a prediction, here the user has predicted that the ‘Oil’ commodity will move up to the level 34.23 from the current level. Hence if his/her prediction is correct he will gain 14,558 points or loose 9,825 if his/her prediction is false. You can choose any desired stop loss by moving the line, Also you can stop your prediction anytime before reaching the target.

Two ways to earn from spark profit


  • Earn by making Correct predictions : It’s as simple as that, All you have to do is choose a Currency(ex:USD Vs Euro) or Market indices and make a prediction. If your prediction is right, you get points, you make multiple predictions throughout the week. On friday the points accumalated by you throughout the week is converted into money and transferred to your Profile, Once you reach an amount of $30 you can cashout using paypal. Spark profit is not an app which will make your rich, It’s more like a game and you get paid for playing the game well. I have given a strategy below for you to make a decent extra cash.
  • Earn by getting Affiliates : Yes, spark profit pays an commision of 20% if you make people join under you as supporters. Which means that, you will get 20% of the earnings of that person who has joined under you. This is paid by spark profit and not taken from the person’s account, what more can we ask for. It won’t be difficult to make people join this app, who wouldn’t like some extra legit cash. If you are unclear of how to get started, all you have to is  to register here :  http://bit.ly/2cPKOQx (can also be played through computer/tablet/laptop)

Spark profit earning Strategy


  • Now that you have an account it is time for you to have a proper earning strategy in order to make a few bucks,
    After filling up the profile details you get 70,000 points so that is your starting point. For the first week you should focus on familiarizing with the App, Make a few predictions and earn some points. Eventually you can start making more points as you start learning about the working of the platform. Try to make more points every week, keep a target of earning 50 k(itsn’t difficult at all) points weekly after the first two weeks. So by the End of two months you should be at around 5,00,000 Points(this a moderate plan, you can earn much or less depending on your ability to make correct predictions) . Also your previous week points are carried forward to the next week after reducing it by only 5% i.e If you have 1,00,000 points you will have a balance of 95,000 in the next week. This is why I call Spark profit earning as Passive income.

Earning Potential : Assuming that you have reached the goal of 5,00,000 points as Discussed above, Referring to chart(Above) lets calculate your earnings for a year. By converting the points into money it comes $1.29/week i.e $67.08/ year . This a moderate earning, There people who earn $400-$600/year(again depends on how well you play the app). Wait before you turn away saying that this a Slow earning app, There is another awesome feature discussed below.



  • Along with Making Predictions, You should focus on inviting friends,relatives or anyone whom you to spark profit and tell them how to go about things. For this go to ‘social‘ option on your dashboard, Then send the link shown on your profile(refer Picture) to the people whom you want to invite. If they join spark profit through that link Then sparkfrofit Pays you 20% of their earnings, The money is not deducted from the Person it is Paid by spark profit!

Earning Potential : Actually you can invite any number of people, Use your social media profiles to effectively make more people join. Consider you manage to Get 100 Affiliates, They are called as supporters in the app. You must guide them until they reach 4,00,000 points. So lets do the maths now,
Total earnings of 100 affiliates = $41.08 * 100 = $4108/year
What will you get from the above earning is 20% of it i.e 0.20*4108 = $821.6/year
Again the figure can be lower/higher which depends upon your hard work and ability to get more affiliates , I have provided you with a easy outline so that you can get an idea regarding the potential of the app.
So you must be able to earn $880/year if you successfully follow the above strategy, How wouldn’t like that extra cash.



  • Spark profit has a straight forward business model and they ask no money to sign up, Hence you have nothing to lose.
  • the App is more Like a game, It is really addictive I must say.
  • Best feature is that the app is open for anyone in any country, they don’t filter access based on demography.
  • Any one with a smartphone/laptop, PayPal(Also Through Skrill) can start earning on this app.
  • This is in operation since May 2013.
  • They have paid more than $247,048.24 , which is great!
  • So, I would recommend you togo to sparkprfit website and start earnings for free  http://bit.ly/2cPKOQx  .


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